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There has been a lot of discussion about using x-rays as part of a treatment plan alongside
chiropractic health care. Quite a number of patients who visit the doctor to receive these
treatment end up being recommended for an x-ray. Usually this may be due to a number of
unclear situations that the doctor may be need to clarify. They therefore recommend the
person to come in to Boca Wellness Center, see the Boca Raton Chiropractor and undergo an x–ray in order to have a clear picture of the bone structure. This will help
them to determine if there is any fracture to the bone and the type of treatment that they will
undertake. The x-ray is presumed as a normal procedure by the doctor so that they can rule out
possibilities of tumors among other problems. It also helps them to figure out where the
adjustment of the spine will happen.

When is an x-ray needed?

For those cases that involve a non-traumatic musculoskeletal case of a low back pain, there is
no need to have an x-ray carried out. An exposure for these radiations has been discouraged in
many cases due to their effect on the cells of a human body. It is for this reason that unless the
situation warrants for an x-ray to be carried out. There is no need to expose yourself to these
radiations for no good reason. It is however recommended that the doctor to first carefully
examine the patient in order to determine that carrying out an x-ray is the only option left. An
x-ray is however referred to if after several weeks of treatment there are no significant
improvements, in order to determine what other problem that the patient could be suffering
from. Indications for and x-ray in chiropractic
There are those situations that have been listed and which allows the patient to undergo
treatment using an x-ray.

- These cases includes a situation where the patient has had an injury that seems to be
quite serious. This requires to have an x-ray in order to determine if all the bones are in
the right shape. If the bones have been dislocated, the x-ray will be able to show that so
that necessary treatment can begin right away.

- An x-ray is also recommended during that time when one has an infection that seem to
be causing a lot of pain to the patient. This will help to give more details on the infection
and possible steps that could be taken to solve the situation.

- When another type of disease is being put in the list of possibilities. Some of these could
cases such as cancer or even a tumor that could be developing in the body.

- A spinal instability case also warrants for the use of an x-ray in order to reveal the
details about the condition