For the gentle chiropractic techniques, they usually involve very low velocity rotation of the
neck. They usually involve techniques that are considered to be gentle and of low amplitude

This could be among the many reason why majority of the people would consider these type of
chiropractic treatment rather than the mild ones. For the traditional methods, they usually
involve high velocity rotation of the neck as well as the head of the patient. While some people
would consider having this kind of treatment done to them, others may find it quite troubling
and only prefer the gentle techniques. For chiropractors in Boca Raton FL, some of them may prefer
the gentle ones over the mild ones. Some of these reasons could be as follows:

The preference of the patient

When it comes to rapid twisting of the neck or joint popping, many people do not take it kindly.

It is for this reason that they prefer to undergo the gentle techniques. This could be the case
since it may cause some pain to the neck. For instance, since the neck could be under pain,
further twisting could make the patient to feel more pain and thus they don’t prefer these mild
techniques. For the gentle methods, the neck is moved in a gentle way and the rotation is also
well checked to ensure that the patient does not feel uncomfortable.

The experience of the doctor

This is a situation where the chiropractor will favor a certain technique over the others. This
happens when a certain doctor has specialized in the only a couple of techniques. This means
that when the patient visits them, they will tell the patient to choose that method which they
have specialized in. Many of these doctors will have specialized in just a few of the techniques and then with time, they will then adapt and modify the other techniques. This will enable
them to be able to serve their patients in what they choose to be treated with.  In some cases,the patient may not even be aware of the techniques and this gives the doctor the advantage of
choosing that method that they are well aware of.


Sometimes, patients who visit chiropractic for treatment may prefer not to be treated using the
traditional methods. This could be because the person may have some personal history with
the method that makes them not prefer to use them again. There are those other situations
where the person may have suffered some injury that may have caused some spinal instability.
This means that the person may not at all prefer these violent methods.

Need for comfort and peace

Due to the comfort associated with the gentle techniques. Many people usually pick them over
the other traditional methods. This is because the former will allow them to sit back and relax
as the doctor continues with their business.